Frequently Asked Questions

How does Samarin® work?

Scientific studies indicate that Silymarin’s active compounds in Samarin® formulation keep toxins from attaching to liver cells.‡

Also, they keep in check free radicals, the harmful unstable molecules which are byproducts of the body’s functions and harm healthy cells and cause various health issues.‡

Medical research shows silymarin helps ease inflammation and help repair cells. This is said to ease symptoms of liver diseases, ranging from cirrhosis and fatty liver disease to liver cancer and jaundice.‡

What are the recommended doses?

Medical practitioners in countries where Samarin® is approved as a drug prescribe an initial doze of 420 mg/day in severe cases (140 mg tablet, three times a day).*

In mild to moderate renal impairment, the dose prescribed is 280 mg/day (140 mg, twise a day).*

Is Samarin® safe in long term use?

In the near twenty years of prescribing Samarin® there have not been any report of adverse events.* The active ingredients of Samarin® --Silymarin/ Milk Thistle –have shown to be safe in clinical studies.

Are there any side effects?

The product is not associated with any serious side effects; however, headache and diarrhea have been reported.*

Are there conditions in which Samarin® is not recommended?

People with hypersensitivity to Silymarin or any substance in the formulation, in hepatic encephalopathy, obstructive jaundice and primary biliary cirrhosis.*‡

Is Samarin® safe in pregnancy?

No experience is available with regard to the use of Silymarin products during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, it should only be used after consultation with a doctor.*‡

‡These statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA

*Product statements have not been approved by the US FDA. The product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.


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